Newly Launched Social Impact Fund to Create 2,000 Energy Efficient, Affordable Housing Units

548 Capital’s “Solar Chicago Fund”Will Improve Affordable Housing Deficit in the City’s South and West Sides

CHICAGO – 548 Capital LLC announces the launch of the “Solar Chicago Fund”, a social impact fund that will develop environmentally efficient affordable housing, providing solutions for the housing and economic issues that plague Chicago’s south and west sides.

The Chicago-based fund prides itself on its ability to bring together leaders in solar energy, property management, and investment to create a unique and innovative opportunity for development.

In the state of Illinois, low-income families spend an average of 13 percent of their income on energy and therefore approximately 220,000 families in Chicago are in desperate need of access to energy efficient housing.

“Solar Chicago Fund will design environmentally efficient buildings that will help to mitigate inflated energy costs and will include the use of innovative technologies and renewable energy systems.” said A.J. Patton, founder and managing partner of 548 Capital, the investment firm spearheading this initiative. The name 548 Capital comes from the address of the Section 8 housing development where Patton grew up.
“Additionally, the fund will leave a positive impact on the environment while creating various job opportunities for the community.”

Patton is an accomplished finance, sales, and capital markets expert with more than a decade of experience in investment banking, endowment management, and real estate analysis. He brings his experience in developing and executing solutions to complex challenges to the fund and aims to combine his expertise of creating consistent returns with his personal passion for benefiting communities in need.

About 548 Capital LLC

548 Capital LLC is a Chicago-based social impact fund founded in 2016 by A.J. Patton. The fund aims to provide intelligent solutions to the many problems faced by inner-city communities. Additionally, 548 prides itself in bringing leaders in solar energy, property management, and investment together to solve critical issues. For additional information about the business and their plans, visit www.548Capital.com www.solarchicagofund.com

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