The 548 Capital Mission

To serve as a financial bridge for investors to create sustainable
communities for all.

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Our vision

To be the leading firm to prioritize and create solutions to the housing, environmental, and economic issues facing inner cities in America.


Get familiar with our goals around solar, affordable housing and the Chicago community

We’re aiming high with attainable stretch goals for units built, lowering carbon emissions, putting an end to sky-high utility bills for tenants, and creating the first investment fund in the country to focus on community solar and sustainable, affordable housing.


Meet the team

From top to bottom, our team is full of people who are ready to make an impact on inner-city communities throughout the country — starting with Chicago.

A.J. Patton

Managing Partner & CEO

Robert “A.J.” Patton is an accomplished finance, sales, and capital markets expert with more than a decade of experience in investment banking, endowment management, and real estate analysis. He most recently worked with Equities First, a $500 million-dollar investment fund, in which he led the Investment and Underwriting Departments along with managing all U.S. business development initiatives. There he lead a team that created consistent returns in various industries. He was responsible for working with clients to shape, outline, and execute solutions that would solve complex challenges in the capital markets space.

In May 2016, A.J. branched out on his own. He founded 548 Capital, LLC, to combine his expertise and track record of creating consistent returns with a personal passion for helping transform communities and their impact on the planet. In 2019, Patton was named a recipient of the Energy News 40 Under 40 award — highlighting his impact on America’s transition to a clean economy.

Education and Credentials:
B.S. Finance, Indiana State University


Erica Johnson

Partner & President

Erica M. Johnson is a Construction Risk Control Consultant providing 12 years of successful field experience supporting Environmental Health & Safety programs for industry leading construction & insurance companies. She has attained LEED Platinum certification on previous projects.

Erica also founded Sterling & Morgan Johnson, a Construction Risk Control Consulting Company, which advises contractors on how to reduce their insurance risks while also being dedicated to providing assistance to minority and women-owned businesses who are historically unable to afford such knowledge.

Education and Credentials:
B.A. Environmental Health and Safety Management, Minor in Environmental Health Sciences, Indiana State University | OSHA 500, 502, 510 Training


Vincent Mason

Partner & COO

Vincent F. Mason Jr. is a tested and proven expert in project management and coordination with ten plus years of experience in consulting & construction management. He has worked on projects such as the Marion County Public Library in Indianapolis, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. After these projects, he developed an interest in expediting and retail construction. This brought him to various projects around the country and mastering quick turnaround full interior demo and store rehabs. He now specializes in the representation of owners and tenants in the management of their design and construction teams.

Education and Credentials:
B.S. Construction Management, Minor in Architectural Engineering, Indiana State University | OSHA 30 Card Carrier | LEED Green Associate Accredited


Steve Gerson

Sr. Finance Associate

Steve Gerson is a Senior Finance Associate with 548 Capital, where he is an integral part of the investment, operations, and strategy team. Steve directs and manages finance and accounting work at the firm and fund level, including accounting and CFO services, tax and audit, and fund administration. He facilitates the development of investment models and analysis, participates in investor pitch meetings, and the creation and review of fund and legal documentation.

Prior to joining 548 Capital, Steve worked in the lighting, HVAC, and building products sector in various finance and operations roles including treasury management, FP&A, and supply chain. Most recently, he acted as the treasury manager for a mid-market private equity backed portfolio company out of Miami, managing their liquidity, hedging, forecasting, and reporting. Before that, he spent time performing sell-side equity research at a South Florida investment bank.

Education and Credentials:
M.S. Economics, Florida Atlantic University | MBA, Florida Atlantic University | Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder | Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Charterholder

Our goals

Create 3,000 sustainable housing units in Chicago through 2021

There is an affordable housing shortage across America, and Chicago is feeling it as hard as anywhere in the country. Our goal is to creatively build a portfolio of units where working-class Americans can live in and thrive.

  • There is a shortage of 7.8 million affordable housing units in America
  • Illinois has the country’s 4th worst affordable housing shortage (-324,178 units)
  • Chicago has a 264,000 affordable housing unit deficit

Lower building carbon emissions & individual unit utility bills by 33%

Buildings are the largest contributor to CO2 emissions and this is especially true in outdated structures. These buildings show their inefficiencies by the high utility costs passed on to residents. We want to remove this additional burden by updating existing structures to be more modernized with regard to energy efficiency. Beyond renovation, we also aim to begin new construction projects of environmentally conscious multi-unit buildings soon.

  • Buildings account for 39% of the US total CO2 emissions
  • Buildings consume 70% of the electricity load in the US

Buildings consume 70% of the electricity load in the US

We’re aiming to train over 500 Chicago residents in solar installation, maintenance, and repair

To prepare today’s workforce for tomorrow’s work demands is one of our missions at 548. Thanks to our recent acquisition of Millenium Solar Energy, we’re able to bring their knowledge and experience to the Chicago area to offer comprehensive training and development in solar and other forms of green energy.

  • $8.7 Trillion in assets invested in ESG funds in America
  • In 2016, 37% of institutional investors incorporated ESG factors into decision making
  • $2.15 Trillion in assets invested in funds with priorities around Carbon emissions and climate change

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548 Capital is a 100% African American owned

registered Minority Business Enterprise

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